Ultimate Journal & Review Pack 2023

Matthias Frank
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How to supercharge your Personal Growth (in 5 minutes per day)

Getting better is hard.

You have dutifully set yourself some ambitious goals around New Year.

But you can’t seem to make progress towards them.

You know what matters to you.

Yet in the day-to-day life, the distractions seem to always have the upper hand.

You write all your tasks on your To-Do list.

And by the end of the day, that list just seems to have gotten bigger than before.

How do you escape that circle?

Keep a journal. It is not for what is recorded. But for the habit of rendering account to yourself of yourself in some more rigorous manner and at more certain intervals than mere conversation or casual reverie of solitude require - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wait, how is journaling supposed to help with all of that?

  • Studies show that reflecting on your goals and how you could achieve them greatly increases your chances of success
  • Analysing your past experiences for potential lessons accelerates your personal growth journey and has been linked to additional benefits like improved immunity.
  • Regularly identifying your key priority and recording how well you act on it will help you better align your intentions and actions.

Journaling on its own is already a great habit to have. But combine it with the famous Weekly Review and you get an unstoppable force for personal growth.

  • Reviewing your past commitments helps you understand whether you really spend time on the things that matter to you.
  • Tracking your progress ensures that you don’t just “set and forget” your goals
  • You actually learn from your past instead of just letting these lessons go to waste.

But how to start?

Staring at a blank page each day can be scary.

What are you supposed to write?

And doesn’t it take a ton of time to do all of this?

With this template, you can do all of this with 5 minutes per day (and an extra 10 on the weekend).

Here’s how it works:

  • You start by defining your goals and intentions. But instead of an empty commitment, you will be guided through an exercise designed to turn your insights and ideas into action. You’ll finish with a well-defined habit that will get you closer to your goal, one step at a time.
  • On a daily basis, you will fill out a short and concise template to commit to the ONE most important thing on your To-Do list and to track your habits (so that you make continuous progress)
  • One per week, you will review your progress, identify what’s working and what’s holding you back and implement changes. In addition, you will do a short introspection exercise using one of more than 52 unique journaling prompts.
  • Once per month, you will review your overall trends and look for specific improvements that could be implemented going forward.
  • Once per quarter, you have a short intervention for yourself to mimic the Fresh Start Effect of New Year. Are you still focusing on the right goals? Are your actions in line with your intentions?

And thanks to Notion, you can fully focus on your personal growth instead of having to spend tons of time analysing your habit tracker or looking for your old entries when you want to revisit them.

With this template, you can

  • Define your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them.
  • Track your progress towards your goals and make easy adjustments if you get off track.
  • Make sure that the ONE most important thing on your to-do list gets done, no matter busy things get
  • Finally start a journaling habit and stick to it
  • Use introspection as a powerful tool to learn from your past.

Want a look inside?

Check out this introduction video or get a glimpse of your Weekly Review.

Get your Ultimate Journal & Review Pack 2023 now and kickstart your Personal Growth


Will this template make me a better person?

No, duh. But it can help you help yourself to become a better person if that's what you're into.

Why do I need a template? Can’t I just journal into an empty notebook?

You most certainly can. This template isn’t some sort of hidden magic. It’s simply a structured approach towards journaling (and regular reviews) that makes use of the power of Notion. It’s kind of like with Excel. You can do all these calculations by hand on a piece of paper, but using a dedicated tool makes things a bit easier.

Why does it say 2023? Can’t I use this template in 2024?

The template comes pre-loaded with all entries for 2023 (that’s 365 daily entries, 52 weeks, 12 months and 4 quarters - all prepped and waiting for you). At the end of the year, I’ll send an update to you with the same entries for 2024 (and you can also easily create them yourself). So you’ll be able to use it in any year without any issue.

Why is this not a free template?

Creating elaborate Notion templates takes a lot of work and energy and I somehow need to subsidise my urge to buy cool new non-fiction books. Purchasing this templates supports my work and I'll be super, SUPER grateful.

If you'd rather spend the money on two large pumpkin-spiced lattes though, that's cool. I also have a lot of free templates that you can check out here.

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Ultimate Journal & Review Pack 2023

5 ratings
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