Book Notes In Notion - Turn Your Insights Into Actions

Matthias Frank
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Make more out of your books and start turning your insights into actions.

What's the latest absolutely life-changing insight you've came across in a book?

You know, the kind of light-bulb-on-moment in your head, when you thought to yourself: "That's it!"?


and what did you do about it?

If you're like me, chances are, you come across a lot of great insights. After all, we live in the golden age of content creation.

But when it comes to actually taking action and acting on that advice, things are looking dire.

  • You turn the page.

  • You finish the book.

  • You forget the spark.

And then you open the next book, read the next great insight, thinking to yourself "I should really do this" - before it's rinse and repeat without any real change.

Doing is hard.

Implementing advice takes conscious effort and work. And until you manage to act on your insight, it's just a nice motivational line on a piece of paper.

I always struggled with that. I read a ton of non-fiction books but I've always had trouble going beyond the "That's it!"-lightbulb-moment in my head.

It's the reason I started writing a newsletter about my findings (hoping this would make it more likely to act).

But I figured I needed a better system. A system designed to take me from the lightbulb in my head to the action in my day-to-day life.

Other reading systems are just not optimised for this.

Book Trackers in Notion help you sort your books by author, genre, year you bought it, year you've actually read it and year you realised that you forgot most of what was in the book.

That's nice if you want a personal library.

But if you want to take those insights from your books and turn them into action, it's not enough.

Here's where this template comes in.

It's designed to help you go from passively consuming to turning books into a powerful source of personal growth.

With this template, you can

  • identify why you want to read a book in the first place

  • collect all your valuable insights (and have them find you whenever you need them instead of having to go through a scavenger hunt down your Evernote folders

  • nail down specific outcome goals associated with your insight

  • analyse and prevent the hurdles that stop you from reaching your goal

  • turn your outcome goal into a process goal (and a system) to ensure you'll be making continuous progress towards your goal

Get your Book Notes in Notion Template now and start making the most out of your reading time.

Want a look inside before buying? Here you go.


Will this template make me a better person?

No, duh. But it can help you help yourself to become a better person if that's what you're into and the reason you read non-fiction books.

I am looking for a place to organise all my Lord of the Ring books, Discworld ebooks, Narnia audiobooks and contemporary literature nobel prize winning novels in hardcover than I plan to read as soon as Netflix runs out of good stuff. Will this template help me?

While you could certainly use this template to do so, I wouldn't recommend it. There are a lot of free book templates for Notion out there that do a great job at simply organising your books and presenting them in a pretty way.

This template is meant if you read specifically to grow and want to take those insights and turn them into action.

How often do you mention "turn insight into action" on this page?

Quite a few times. If you count them, tweet at me (@mfreihaendig) and are correct, I'll retweet you. Promise.

Why is this not a free template?

Creating elaborate Notion templates takes a lot of work and energy and I somehow need to subsidise my urge to buy cool new non-fiction books. Purchasing this templates supports my work and I'll be super, SUPER grateful.

If you'd rather spend the money on two large pumpkin-spiced lattes though, that's cool. I also have a lot of free templates that you can check out here.

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Book Notes In Notion - Turn Your Insights Into Actions

2 ratings
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