Invoice Generator in Notion

Matthias Frank
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Automate your business and save $200/year and 2 hours each month by ditching boring bookkeeping tools and learn how to generate invoices in Notion (with free Template).

And all of that totally free.

This Invoice Generator for Notion includes everything you need to create fully customisable invoices, directly in Notion.

Just starting out and can't afford to spend on your business? No worries, the complete Invoice Generator is available for free. Just select the Basic Version and click the I want this button on the right and (if you want to support my work) enter a pay-what-you-want amount.

The Basic Version includes:

  • Build-for-you Invoice Generator Template in Notion
  • One customisable Invoice Template
  • The complete Automation Blueprint

The Basic Version will require a few, easy to follow initial setup steps. After that, you can easily use it to create as many invoices as you want.

The Invoice Generator requires

  • A Notion Account
  • A Google Account
  • A Make Account

All tools can be used on the free plan for this tool.

Do You Want A Tailor-Made Solution?

Need additional modifications or more powerful options like automatic VAT calculations or cashflow analytics? Or a complete audit of your business for automation potential? Then let's have a chat!

Send me an email or DM on Twitter for an individual offer


Most countries have specific rules for invoices. Neither this template nor the tutorials are intended as any sort of legal advice. Do your own research or consult a professional and adapt what you learn in this tutorial to comply with the relevant laws.

If you run a bigger business, investing in some dedicated bookkeeping software is probably a must. The approach demonstrated in this template is perfect for solopreneurs and small businesses that create invoices occasionally and don’t need additional features like payroll etc.

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Create awesome and fully customisable invoices based on your data in Notion

Notion Template
All-in-one invoicing solution for Notion
Google Docs Template
Customisable Invoice Template
Make Automation Blueprint
Automation Backend to combine Notion and Google Docs to automatically create invoices


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Invoice Generator in Notion

9 ratings
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